What's New (past 90 days)

I am working to add images and documents to this site and to link each one to the appropriate person. This is a long-term project but slow progress is being made. August 2013:Continuing to add new material and transfer existing documents and images from my old site.  August 2012: I am working to clean up and standardize place names and add geocodes. As I upload geocoded places, you will see a map of events on person pages.

June 2012: The Czech National Archives has posted the first half (alphabetical by town) of the Jewish birth, marriage and death registers at http://www.badatelna.cz/fond/1073. I am in the process of deciphering and interpreting them. I've made some major changes to the Buyer, Hamerschlag, and Stein lines based on these registers, and expect more changes as I better understand them. Please consider what is posted here as tentative. If you are interested in helping with this process, especially in deciphering the old German script, I'd love to hear from you!