Carter, Henry Leroy Sr.

Male 1882 - 1951  (69 years)


Resinol Chemical Company

Dr. Merville Hamilton Carter (1857-1939), his brother Allan L. Carter (1871-1944), and their cousin Henry Stier Dulaney (1849-1928), started the Resinol Chemical Company in 1895. The Carters were sons of Mary Sophia Stier (sister of Hamilton Stier) and James Pendleton Carter.  Henry Stier Dulaney was the son of Margaret Ellen Stier  (sister of Hamilton Stier) and Thomas Sim Dulaney.  They were all first cousins of Jay Hugh Stier, my great-grandfather.

Resinol was first listed in the Polk Baltimore City directories at 801 Bloomingdale Rd. (1896), then at 316 W. Lombard St. (1897-1902). Since 1903 the company has been located at 517 W. Lombard St., Baltimore. [I don't know if it is still there--this is from the Historical Society.  Next time I'm in Baltimore, I will go looking.However, there are no current telephone directory listings for Resinol.]  The company manufactured skin-care products developed by Dr. Carter in his private practice. Resinol ointment or unguentum was (and is) a general-purpose preparation used in treating psoriasis, eczema, poison ivy, mild burns, etc. Other products were Resinol soap, Resinol shaving sticks, and Elixir Cascanata, a laxative and tonic. Company advertising was vigorous, with ads in many newspapers and journals, large mailings of circulars and pamphlets, and (apparently) baby beauty contests in the early years. The company achieved world-wide distribution. Its British outlet was John H. Buffham & Co., with whom Resinol dealt from 1899 to 1943 and perhaps longer.

After the deaths of the original principals, the firm was continued by H. LeRoy Carter (son of Merville H. Carter) and later by Henry LeRoy Carter, Jr. At some point (1940s??) the company began to decline. After 1956 Resinol was listed in the Baltimore directories as a soap manufacturer, but it continued to distribute ointment.

The Royal Drug Company, also called the Royal Drug Company, Inc. or the Royal Drug Company of Baltimore City, may have been started in 1895/6 by George R. Debnam. It was incorporated in 1901. Then or soon after it apparently was taken over by Resinol (Carter) interests; by 1904 it was located on the Resinol premises at 517 W. Lombard St. Debnam was out of the operation by 1906. In 1900 the company dealt in Royal Headache Tablets. By 1939 its sole function was to package tablets made by others. The corporation officers at that time were Allan L. Carter, his wife Caroline C. Carter, and Arthur S. Dulaney (son of Henry Stier Dulaney). The enterprise yielded little income: by 1945 it was starting to show a loss, and probably was dissolved after 1950.

Collected Papers 1895-1950 at the Maryland Historical Society 

Directory Information from the Maryland Historical Society

Resinol Chemical Company

Selected directory information - Polk's Baltimore City Directory

1896 Resinol Chemical Co., 801 Bloomingdale rd Not listed in business directory

 1897 Resinol Chemical Co., 316 W. Lombard In business directory under Chemical manufacturers, dealers, and importers

1898 RESINOL CHEMICAL CO (Henry S. Dulaney, Merville H. Carter, Allen L. Carter) Manufacturers Pharmaceutical Specialties, 316 w Lombard. In business directory under heading given above 

1902 Same as 1898

 1903 Listed at 517 w Lombard

 1904 Same as 1903. In business directory under Chemists, manufacturing

 1905 Same

1906 Same

 1915 Same..., 517 w Lombard Phone St. Paul 8160

1924-25 Same..., Phone Plaza 5461

 1929 Merville H. and Allan L. Carter only, given as officers (owners)

1930 RESINOL CHEMICAL COMPANY (Merville H, Allan L and H. LeRoy Carter)...

1936 Same as 1930

1940 Allan L. and H. LeRoy Carter only, given as officers (owners)

1942 Title of company printed in small letters instead of all caps, perhaps for the first time since 1898 [indication of decline?]

 1955 Not listed under name or business

 1956 Resinol Chemical Co H. LeRoy Carter jr mgr soap mfrs 517 W Lombard

1957 No listing for Resinol, although H. LeRoy Carter is listed as sls mgr Resinol

 1958 Resinol Chemical Co (Mrs. Caroline Z.[C.?] Carter, H. LeRoy Carter jr) soap mfrs...

 1959 No listing for Resinol; Henry LeRoy Carter, Jr. listed as Supt. Resinol

 1961 Resinol Chemical Co.; H. LeRoy Carter Jr mgr soap mfrs 517 W Lombard

 1963 No listing for Resinol; Henry LeRoy Carter Jr listed as mgr Resinol Chemical

1964 Resinot Chemical Co (H. LeRoy Carter) soap mfrs 517 W. Lombard Under Carter's name, Resinol is given as Resinoil -- lousy proofreading in this edition of Polk

1976 Listed in phone book at 517 W. Lombard

 Note: As of 1975, the company continued to distribute ointment. According to a University of Baltimore student doing a market study on the company, the market for Resinol products became completely static some time ago, and the company made little effort to expand it.


Royal Drug Company

Selected directory information - Polk's Baltimore City Directory

1892 Not listed

1895 Not listed

1896 Royal Drug Co, George R. Debnam, proprietor, 2031 St Paul

1898 Same as 1896

1899 Royal Drug Co, George R. Debnam, manager, 235 Equitable Building

1900 Royal Drug Co., George R. Debnam, mngr, 217 e Baltimore

1901 Royal Drug Company, George R. Debnam, Manager, Royal Headache Tablets 106 w Lombard

1902 Royal Drug Co (The) 106 w Lombard

1903 Same as 1902

1904 Royal Drug Co, Oliver J. Matthews, sec, 517 w Lombard

1905 Royal Drug Co., 517 w Lombard

1906 Same as 1905

 1907 Same as 1905

1916 Royal Drug Co., Allan L. Carter pres 517 w Lombard

 1926 Not listed

1936 Not listed

1940 Royal Drug Co. Inc, Allan L Carter pres, Arth S. Dulaney sec-treas drugs whol 517 W Lombard

1942 Not listed

1947 Listed in phone book

 1948 Not listed in phone book

 1949 Not listed in phone book

 1976 Not listed in phone book


Biographical information - Dielman File Polk's Baltimore City Directory

Dulaney, Henry Stier, 1849-1928

Biographical sketch in Andrews Tercentenary History..., II:190-193

1894 Dulaney, Henry S. (H.S. Dulaney & Co.) 2129 Maryland Ave.

1896 Dulaney, Henry S., mngr, 22 s Gay, h 2106 Oak

1897 Dulaney, Henry S., mngr 300 w Lombard, h 2106 Oak 

1898 Dulaney, Henry S. (Resinol Chemical Co), 2106 Oak

(Dulaney, H S & Co., Wm J. Ogden, mngr., furnace grates, 22 s Gay)

1904 Dulaney, Henry S (Resinol Chemical Co) 2321 Md av

1915 Dulaney, Henry S. (Resinol Chemical Co) h Charles-st av ext nr Forest av

1924-25 Dulaney, Henry S (Estelle; Resinol Chemical Co) installing player pianos 611 W. Redwood h. 4000 n. Charles

1929 Not listed


Dulaney, Arthur Sim, Sr., d. 11/16/1953 aet. 69

Son of Henry Stier Dulaney. Was executive secretary of Eudowood Sanatorium

1916 Dulaney, Arthur S. pres Fruit Puddine Co

1936 Dulaney, Arthur S. pres Fruit Puddine Co

 1940 Dulaney, Arthur S. (Ethel S.) pres Fruit Puddine Co,

 [also, sec-treas of Royal Drug Co., Inc.] h 910 W. Belvedere av


Carter, Merville Hamilton, 1857(6?)-1939

Biographical sketches in Men of Md., (MF. 180.M53), p. 34; Hall, II:440; Andrews Tercentenary History..., II:172-175; Men of Mark in Maryland, IV:75-76

 1894 Carter, Merville H., physician 1800 w Balto

1895 Same

1896 Same

1897 Same

1898 Carter, Merville H (Resinol Chemical Co), physician, 1800 w Balto

 1904 Carter, Merville H. (Resinol Chemical Co) physician, 2900 n Calvert

1915 Carter, Mervill H. (Resinol Chemical Co) h 2900 N. Charles [almost certainly an error for Calvert]

1924-25 Carter, Melville H. (Resinol Chemical Co) pres. Southern Hotel Co, v. pres Boyden Steel Corp, 2900 n. Calvert

1936 Carter, Merville H (Mary G; Resinol Chemical Co), phys 2900 n Calvert h do

 See also the newspaper clipping of April 29, 1926 in the collection (MS. 2178)


Carter, Henry LeRoy, 1882-1951

Son of Merville Hamilton Carter

1936  Carter, H. LeRoy (Virginia; Resinol Chemical Co) h 843 University pkwy


Carter, Henry LeRoy, Jr.

 See under Resinol Chemical Company, 1956-64

 1976  Listed in phone book at 843 W University Pkwy


Carter, Allan L., 1871-1944

 Brother of Merville H. Carter. Wife was Caroline Corse (d. 1/5/1958). Died with an estate possibly close to $1 million

 1894  Carter, Allen L., trav. agt., 1800 w Balto

1896  Carter, Allan L., salesman, 1800 w Balto.

 1897  Carter, Allen L., salesman, 1800 w Balto

 1898  Carter, Allen L. (E A Carter Shoe Co and Resinol Chemical Co), 2110 Mt. Royal ter

 1904  Carter, Allan L. (Resinol Chemical Co) 2120 Mt. Royal ter

 1915  Carter, Allan L (Resinol Chemical Co) h 3902 n Charles

 1916  Carter, Allen L. chemist h n Charles nr w 39th

 1924-25  Carter, Allan L. (Caroline C.; Resinol Chemical Co) treasurer Prodento Tooth Paste Co h 3902 n Charles

 1936  Carter, Allan L (Caroline C, Resinol Chemical Co) h 3902 n Charles


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