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Familanten Records for Kasejovice Bayer Family and some related surnames

In 1726, by order of Charles VI, the number of Jewish families in Bohemia was limited to 8,541. According to this "Familianten Ordnung", only first-born son of each Jewish family was allowed to marry. The list of so called "Familiants" were then collected in Books of Jewish "Familianten". Records were collected in 1799 and in 1811. Each record comprised the name of county, registration number of the family in the whole land (based on "copulatio consensus"), the registration number of family in the county (set up in 1725), name of the father, his wife, his sons and few other family details. Julius Muller in Prague has indexed many of these books, and provides examples on his web site to help interpret the pages. See http://www.toledot.org. Help in deciphering old German script: http://www.jewishgen.org/GerSIG/script.htm. The records themselves are available from the State Archives in Prague, and are expected to be available online sometime in 2014. 

I found that familiant records existed for my family names of interest in Kasejovice and Lnare by going to Julius Muller's excellent site at www.toledot.org and checking out the surname listings for region Prachensky. Then, armed with a list of surnames, I emailed the Czech State Archives in Prague at arch@mvcr.cz and requested information on obtaining familiant records for my specific surnames in that region. Dr. Matusiokova replied to my email in very fluent English with the charges for obtaining the records on microfilm. She asked for an email confirmation before the microfilm would be prepared. Some weeks later, I received an invoice in U.S. dollars from the firm that does the microfilm in Prague. I sent them a personal check, and soon thereafter received a package with a length of microfilm, which I printed and scanned for the web. The BohMor group has been amazing in the outpouring of help I received in translating and interpreting these documents. Thanks to everyone!! 

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