Rockville Cemetery, Rockville, Montgomery, MD, US

Rockville Cemetery
1350 Baltimore Road
Rockville, MD 20850

From Peerless Rockville's web site:

Rockville Cemetery, on Baltimore Road, in addition to being the community's oldest burying ground, is significant as a classic rural cemetery as well as for the many individuals prominent in local history interred there.

Rockville Cemetery began as a colonial burying ground associated with a tiny chapel of ease established by Prince George's (Anglican) Parish in 1738. After 1822, when the congregation moved Christ Episcopal Church into the town of Rockville, it continued to use the graveyard but paid less attention to maintenance than formerly.

The roster of persons buried at Rockville Cemetery reads like a Who's Who of Montgomery County and Rockville... The earliest remaining stone marker is that of John Harding (1685-1752), long-time vestryman and owner of a nearby farm.

John Harding was one of the original 26 petitioners for the new chapel at this site; his descendants would occupy the Harding lands directly opposite the cemetery site until the 20th century. The Harding grave marker is a weathered stone, carved with skull and crossbones and an hourglass motif. Its primitive carvings contrast with nearby modern monuments of finely carved Italian marble and polished brown stone.

Latitude: 39.0837447, Longitude: -77.1225657

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Harding John Headstone
Harding John Headstone
Harding John Headstone
Harding John Headstone
Harding Rock Creek Cemetery
Harding Rock Creek Cemetery