New Market, Maryland

New Market traces its history back to the early horse and buggy days of the late 18th century. Founded in 1793 by Nicholas Hall and William Plummer: New Market's location along the historic National Pike, made it a convenient stop for travelers in need of food, lodging, and services. The high-wheeled, six horse, Conestoga wagons were frequent visitors on their way to the Ohio Country and beyond. The eight hotels and taverns lining Main Street provided travelers with a night's lodging for a Quarter and a glass of whiskey for a Nickel. Beyond the hotels were barns and pens for resting livestock being herded to Baltimore markets. Wheelwrights, blacksmith shops, a tannery as well as, button and shoe factories and wrought iron nail shop met the needs of travelers and the farming community.

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Hamilton Stier house

5 West Main Street, New Market MD

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