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New Market, Maryland

New Market, Frederick County, Maryland

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street scene


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home of Hamilton Stier
5 West Main Street, New Market

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New Market traces its history back to the early horse and buggy days of the late 18th century.  Founded in 1793 by Nicholas Hall and William Plummer: New Market's location along the historic National Pike, made it a convenient stop for travelers in need of food, lodging, and services. The high-wheeled, six horse, Conestoga wagons were frequent visitors on their way to the Ohio Country and beyond. 

The eight hotels and taverns lining Main Street provided travelers with a night's lodging for a Quarter and a glass of whiskey for a Nickel. Beyond the hotels were barns and pens for resting livestock being herded to Baltimore markets.  Wheelwrights, blacksmith shops, a tannery as well as, button and shoe factories and wrought iron nail shop met the needs of travelers and the farming community. 

map of New Market and vicinity showing property owned by Hamilton Stier, 1873

more pictures of Stier home, including interior

more New Market photos

History of the House

1839 Deed Conveying Property from Ormond Hammond to Hamilton Stier

Where was Jacob Stier's property?  Stier in neighboring Montgomery County

link to New Market web site

1999 Washington Post article

Older Washington Post article

New Market Photo Tour

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