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Excerpts from published historical articles and books pertaining to our family members.

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1793 Register of Jews in Prachensky Region, Bayer Family

1793 census available from the Czech National Archives:


4330510 Band 1:
BOHACEK, J.; HALEK, J.; KUCEROVA, K.: Soupis zidovskych rodin v Cechach z roku 1793, sv.1. Loketsky kraj, Boleslavsky kraj, Budejovicky kraj. Praha, St.ustredni archiv, 2002. ISBN 80-85475-91-X. 277 S., Reg. , 21,00 Euro

4331693 Band 2:
JIRINEC, M.; REZNICEK, M.; VACHA, Z.: Soupis zidovskych rodin v Cechach z roku 1793, sv.2. Kourimsky kraj, Bydzovsky kraj, Litomericky kraj. Praha, St.ustredni archiv, 2002. ISBN 80-85475-96-0. 380 S., Reg. , 25,00 Euro

4421002 Band 3:
MAREK, J.: Soupis zidovskych rodin v Cechach z roku 1793, sv.3. Prachensko, Berounsko, Taborsko. Praha, St.ustredni archiv, 2003. ISBN 80-86712-03-6. 444 S., Reg. , 25,00 Euro

4422288 Band 4:
HOLY, M.: Soupis zidovskych rodin v Cechach z roku 1793, sv.4. Chrudimsky kraj, Plzensky kraj, Zatecky kraj, Hradecky kraj. Praha, St.ustredni archiv, 2004. ISBN 80-86712-12-5. 412 S. , 25,00 Euro

4521049 Band 5:
HOLA, M.; EBELOVA, I.; REZNICEK, M.: Soupis zidovskych rodin v Cechach z roku 1793, sv.5. Caslavsky kraj, Klatovsky kraj, Rakovnicky kraj. Praha, Narodni archiv, 2005. ISBN 80-86712-21-4. 406 S. , 27,00 Euro

1793 Census Names Identified as Being Related to Bayer Family

NameSchutzOccupation1785 CensusFamiliant?
Samuel Payer (Bayer)without  Schutz; footnote says something like "hereof four more householders written ditto so that they write without Schutz, according to ___ but more likely has been Schlusselberg"peddlerJosef Samohel (Samuel)
new name: Bayer
Joseph Bayer

Samuel Bayer
wife Rachel (Katharina Götschal, according to familiant records)    
firstborn son Nathan, single   Nathan Bayer
son Gabriel, single    
daughter Sara    
daughter Maria    
Jacob Pasch (Bosch/Basch)Schlusselbergtrim business

Jacob Breznicky
new name: Basch

Jacob Basch, son of Simon Basch
wife Paula  


daughter Barbara    
daughter Ester    
daughter Sibilla    
Dawid Beyer, laborer    
Gabriel Elias, laborer    
Nathann Neymann, laborer    
Lobl Naymann, laborer    
widow Rosel HaberwurfsSchlusselbergBeggar woman  
Sara Feldmanin, widow
(living in home of Judas Stein, schoolmaster)
Schlusselbergpeddler Mendel Feldman
firstborn son Markuswithout Schutz  Markus Feldman
Abraham FridSchlusselbergpeddlerAbraham Pisky

new name: Freyt

Abraham Freud, Jacob Freud (son born after 1793)
wife Sara    
firstborn son Isak, single   Isaac Freud
son Simeon, single   Simon Freud
daughter Ro8el    
daughter Anna    
Phillip KlaberSchlusselbergtailor


new name:FilipKluger

I did not request familiant records for Klaber family.
wife Rachel    
daughter Sara    
Abraham LewySchlusselberg Abraham Herrman

new name: Levi

Abraham Loewy
wife Ro8el    
firstborn son Moyses, single   Moyses Loewy
daughter Esther    
Lazar LewySchlusselbergtanner

Lazar Herman
new name: Lewe

wife Libusche    
secondborn son Ezachias, single    
Moyses Gant, laborer    
Esther Ledrin, maid    
Samuel LewySchlusselbergpoor butcher Samuel Loewy
wife Rosel    
firstborn son Rosenfeld, single   AKA Samuel Rosenfeld?
son Moyses, single   Moyses Loewy, successor to Salomon Rosenfeld
daughter Barbara    
Maria Joachimin, maid    
Pernard NeymannSchlusselbergtrim business Bernard Neumann
wife Ro8el    
daughter Sibila    
Jonas Beyer, laborer    
Iridricko, maid    
Jacob NeymannSchlusselbergpeddler Jacob Neumann, son of Bernard Neumann (in place of firstborn son who died)
wife Sibilla    
daughter Ester    
daughter Sibilla    
Salomon RosenfeldSchlusselbergpeddler

new name: Rosenfeld

Salomon Rosenfeld, son of Samuel Loewy?
wife Katl    
Samuel RosenfeldSchlusselbergpeddler

new name: Rosenfeld

Simon Rosenfeld
wife Friderika    
secondborn son Juda, single    
son Joseph, single    
son Osias, single    

All Kasejovice Pages:

Column headings:

1 Namen der Judischen familien = Names of the Jewish family

2 Namen der ledigen Juden und Witwen = Names of the single Jews and widows

3 Gehoren in Schutz nach = belong to the following "Schutz" ie Schutzjuden under..

4 Ist possessionirt und besitzet = possesses/owns and occupies the following property. Proportions owned are specified; 0 designated if not a property owner

5 Ernahret sich - obtains sustenance from - i.e. occupation

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