Annie and Dorothea Michael's Photo Album

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Annie and Dorothea Michael's Photo Album Annie and Dorothea Michael's Photo Album

This photo album was started by Annie Hamerschlag Michael in the early 1900s and was continued in later years by her youngest daughter Dorothea (Aunt Dot).  The earlier photos give us a wonderful look at the young Michael family before Bernard's untimely death from typhoid in 1906.

Many of the pages and photos are extremely brittle--the album literally fell apart as I touched it. Therefore, these pages are not in the original order. I also have a high resolution set of images for archival purposes, and these photos have been placed in acid free sleeves.
I have added loose photos that may have been in the original album (or not).

I found this in a box in my father's basement when we were cleaning out his house. I believe that it was sent to him by Florette Mayer Sonner (a cousin on the Michael side). The album had been saved by Adrian Mayer, Florette's brother, who was very attentive and helpful to Aunt Dot in her later years. 

Annie Hamerschlag Michael

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